Brese Plane
Fine Hand Planes for Fine Woodworking

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About Brese Plane

I'm often ask how it is that I became a  plane maker. Actually plane making sort of chose me. I worked as a custom furniture craftsman for 14 years and prior to that time my professional background was in the metal working industry. Plane making started as a casual pursuit of making tools for my own work. After a while I began to get inquiries from other woodworkers wishing to purchase my tools and as they say "the rest is history".

​I began formally offering planes for sale in 2006. Since that time the process of making these tools has undergone countless changes and refinements. One thing has not changed and that is my commitment to making fine tools that are as pleasurable to use as they are to behold.

My planes are made from exotic woods, brass, 0-1 tool steel and stainless steel. Plane bodies are assembled using a method that includes threaded fasteners interspersed with taper pins and or dowel pins. This method ensures a very accurate and rigid plane body with all components made to very fine tolerances and made to fit flawlessly one to another. At this level of fit and finish and a well sharpened iron, the only thing that moves in use is the plane down the board and the shaving thru the mouth.

A very high level of function can be had with these planes with a minimum of fuss which makes using these planes a very pleasurable experience.

Ron Brese