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How To Order a Brese Plane,      I have stopped taking new orders and will be offering completed planes for sale as they are available. Check my blog periodically to see what's avaialable.

To place an order for a Brese Plane is really very simple. While on the page of the plane you wish to order just click on the "Buy Now" button and that link will take you to  page where you can place a deposit ($200.00 for most planes and $600.00 for the 125-38SBP) for the plane and this puts your order in the cue.  I will contact you via email when I receive notification of your order to get the details about wood choice, etc.  Before I begin work on your plane I will contact you again to verify the details of your order.

Note: We no longer have a "Shopping Cart". Each item ordered will required a separate transaction. If you plan to order multiple items (more than 2) contact me and I can send you a payment request for the total of the deposits.

But before you click the 'Buy Now" button there are a couple of things you may need to know. 

All planes are made to order. The lead time required to have your plane made can run anywhere from 8 to 14 months depending on the number of orders I have in house at a given time. The 125-38SBP has a shorter lead time of approximately 4 months. You may want to send an email to find out what the lead time will be on the plane you would like.

If you have questions concerning any of the tools we offer please contact me to ask any questions. My contact information is listed below. You may have a custom request and I can let you know if that can be accommodated, or you may just want to know if I presently have inventory of the particular wood you would like for your plane.

Standard woods for infill, and the knobs and totes of the metal bodied planes are as follows:

Cocobolo Rosewood (my stock is the very old Picasso which is limited and requires a $125.00 price premium)
Macassar Ebony
Castello Boxwood Limited inventory in sizes suitable for full size toted planes
Gabon Ebony (inventory for this wood is at times limited and requires a  $125.00 price premium)
Olive Wood  (for metal bodies planes only)
East Indian aka Bombay Rosewood  
Hawaii Koa (limited supply and some pieces require a $75.00 price premium)
Desert Iron Wood (limited supply, requires a $75.00 price premium)
Ziricote (limited supply, requires a $75.00 price premium)

Planes as gifts:

If you would like to order a plane as a gift and the occasion date can’t be accommodated in our lead time schedule I can supply a gift document that can be presented to the recipient that states which plane they will receive and approximately when the plane will be made and delivered.

Phone 706-647-8082, even though I am in the shop for many hours a week I prefer to accept calls from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm EST Monday thru Friday. Certain processes can not be stopped in order to answer the phone so if I don't answer please call back or leave a number with instructions as to the best time to return your call.